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What to donate this season

posted on 31 Mar 2016 What to donate this season

Life at our Day Care Center
Left insert Sensory development are some of the little things that families can do with their kids. Remember most of children with disabilities are not exposed to the outside world. So if we are able to take the outside world to them, WHY NOT, this provides our children an opportunity to see and feel the things that they usually see from a distance
Day care Center is reaching out to over 20 families in the community of Khayelitsha. We are able to support them to care for their children with disabilities at home by giving them access to the day care facility for their child as well as running parent support group and disability awareness/training workshops while we provide their children with basic education and or therapy programs on a weekly basis.
Children under our care are often vulnerable and at risk because of the nature of their disabilities and complex health, medical needs and there are very few Centers in our community that can meet the needs of these children. We receive phone calls and requests daily from social workers, child welfare and the hospitals asking if we have space for a particular child. This is why the work of Sibongile is so important for our community.
Currently we are full to capacity and therefore cannot take any more children in to Sibongile Day Care Center. It is important to us to focus on the internal structures and quality improvement of the Center, what we also see as important.
Wondering what you can donate with?
Winter is already sidling and creeping in. With that being said we wish for it to arrive when we are covered.
Here is what we wish for, for all our 4 premises
5 Electrical heaters (one each house)
Warm single beds blankets
A step-ladder, You know how it’s like, globes fuses all the time, very frustrating when you can’t find anything to step onto when you want to replace the globes. Ohh it will be very much helpful to our caretaker as-well.

Our Day Care Center could do with the following items
Preschool Chairs and tables
Shelving for our books
Computer desk for our office

Help our Part-time Caretaker outdo cleaning and maintaining our 4 beautiful yards by providing him with the following:
Grass Machine cutter
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